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Annagh Magazine was established by Ballyhaunis Junior
Chamber in the 1970's. A very popular and industrious
organisation at the time, the Junior Chamber team formed and
fostered the fledgling magazine and published their first edition at
Christmas 1978.

The committee at the time hoped that Annagh would be "worthy
of retention as a record of a year in the life of your community". In
2016, and over the past 38 editions, we believe Annagh is indeed
still true to this ethos - and a whole lot more.

Annagh Magazine covers the East Mayo parish of Annagh, which
has the town of Ballyhaunis at its centre. The parish comprises
sixty seven townlands and extends approximately two miles in
each direction from Ballyhaunis town. The current church parish
of Annagh dates from 1893 when the boundaries of the old civil
parishes of Annagh and Bekan were re-drawn.

The magazine has grown and developed over the years as many
people have helped, in a totally voluntary capacity, with all
aspects of the magazine - writing articles and poems, providing
photo's, patronage, selling the magazine and above all supporting
the magazine by buying it.

Annagh Magazine is published on an annual basis and goes on
sale at the beginning of December every year. A copy of the
magazine costs 10.

We also provide electronic (PDF) copies of back issues (1978 -
2013) to Download for FREE!
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